How To Stop Windows 10 Update Permanently

In most cases you can access the registry keys by simply specifying the name of the key. However, the approach is quite different while you are accessing the ” registry key that is created by the Operating System itself. Every article on ‘Registry’ describes how to change/modify the ‘named’ registry keys (say, ‘PaintDesktopVersion’ key in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Destop). But no article mentions how to access or modify the ” registry key.

Download once, and use anytime anywhere, without network access or proxy server. Again, if you are installing multiple .msu files, then restart the computer only after the completion of all the successive installations. Well, here is a quick guide about how to update windows 10 offline.

You can usually fix them within two settings groups. From now on, Windows 10 is not going to install updates that require a reboot and restart your PC during the Active hours that you have set. The ‘Notify for download and auto install’ option is the closest to disabling automatic downloads. Welcome to our guide on how to stop a Windows 10 update. Updating your PC is an important part of maintaining its general health and wellbeing. Windows 10 updates often contain fixes for critical problems, and installing them can keep your PC running smoothly.

  • So I don’t know what that refers to, it may be for an earlier version of Windows.
  • Even after 24 hours, it might seem like the update is stuck around 90% or 80%.
  • Your computer might also be acting funny forcing the need to reboot and it will be a bit risky to run updates at that time.

Open the command prompt as admin and type “wmic path softwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey not working” and hit enter to see the product key. You can create a shortcut to launch the app with the -c switch, so once you copy a registry key path, just click on the shortcut you created, and this will open Regedit.exe at the right key. In these operating systems, Regedit doesn’t include the address bar. So, the idea is to copy the full path of the desired registry key to the clipboard and replace the LastKey value with the copied value from the clipboard. When regedit.exe is started after doing that, it will open directly at the key you want. Each one uses very little hard drive space, but the operating system still has to filters through all of them, which slows it down a bit.

Just make sure it is trustworthy and not some random thing that you downloaded. Editing the registry is very similar to working with files in File Explorer. You can browse to a location in the registry and add, rename, and change data, or delete keys and values.

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Windows Update MiniTool will auto-scan your computer again after updating to show any other updates you need. If you hover your mouse over an item, you can see its description, which might help you determine whether you need it. Whether you’re told to or not, reboot your computer after the updates are finished installing. Wait while all the available Windows updates are found and listed in the program. Depending on the speed of your computer and the number of updates it finds, this could take quite a while to populate. Launch the program and choose Windows Update from the left side.

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To confirm if the Update Health Tools is installed on your system, check for its folder inside the program files folder as shown below. Windows Update client restarts the system to commit update action respecting the restart deadline as in the expedite policy. Windows Update settings are reverted back to the original settings as configured via Update Ring policy. Thanks for this post…i just followed the whole steps to save data consumption on my newly updated window 10. I don’t know if technically that’s hard or easy to do, but it’s easy to make a system image and restore it if the update fails. And you have some control over when the update occurs if you use whatever ‘delay’ options M$ is graciously providing you at that point in time.